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Precinct Connection


If it doesn't do it, you haven't requested it yet!

Precinct Connection is the most feature-rich police records management software
product on the market today, built based on the suggestions of our users
If you would like the software to do something particular to the
way you run your department, request it for a future update!

And YES! Precinct Connection 1.0 is Windows 7 compatible!

Recommended Minimum Hardware*

  • Pentium IV processor or equivalent
  • 512 MB memory
  • 250 Mb free on hard disk

* While these are minimum specifications to run Precinct Connection, please keep in mind that your operating system has its own minimum requirements and you should be sure to have sufficient hard drive space, free memory and a processor fast enough to handle that and any other installed and running applications as well.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP Professional or Home
  • Windows Vista Home Premium, Ultimate, Business, or Enterprise, both 32 and 64 bit versions!
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic, Starter, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise, both 32 and 64 bit versions!
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008
  • Mac OS X*

* To use Precinct Connection on a Mac:


  • Everything you need in one package: Accidents, Complaints, Incidents, NIBRs reporting, Warrants, Tickets, Citations, and so much more!
  • No full-time Internet connection needed!
    Simply install it on your computer!
  • Free networking on multiple computers!
    Install and run Precinct Connection on an unlimited number of computers in your agency, all sharing the same database.
  • Free full year of updates and support with purchase!
    Precinct Connection will keep working even if you don't want/need to renew your support!
  • Full team of sales people, support reps, and developers supporting you and your product!
  • Toll-free technical support with live coverage!


Precinct Connection makes it a breeze to enter complaints, accidents, incidents, warrants, and tickets, and includes a complete names cross-referencing index. For example, when a complaint is recorded, an accident or incident can then easily be created from that complaint with one click of your mouse button. Each complaint is then organized by month and year, and displayed a month at a time by date and number. A brief synopsis of each complaint is also displayed. Each of the other modules displays data in a similar fashion. The names index allows you to search the database in a multitude of ways for a name, from physical characteristics to their alias.

One of the most demanding responsibilities of the person inputting the data from the day's activities is getting the data in quickly and accurately. Precinct Connection provides drop-down menus and pop-up boxes to process often-used data quickly, easily and accurately.

An essential part of police records management has become the organization of the data, and in a busy department, the data must be accessed quickly. From the initial entry of the first complaint, to the last detail about a suspect or vehicle occupant, Precinct Connection keeps your data organized by month and year, with quick access available through drop-down menus and buttons.

A vast selection of reports is available through Precinct Connection.

Installing the system is simple, and there is no further configuration required once the department's information has been entered. It literally takes five minutes from the initial installation of the program to entering your department information to entering your first complaint.

Blue Crystal Software Corporation prides themselves on their ability to accept suggestions from their user community and incorporate those suggestions into the software. This assists them in developing a stronger product, in addition to giving their customers what they need: A solid, custom product that they will be able to rely on for years to come. An additional plus from the company is their toll-free, 24-hour technical support, for which there is never a charge. Enhancements and updates are also free for the life of the product.

NIBRs reporting

  • Electronic NIBRs reporting
  • Validates your data before creating the submission file
  • Submission file easily sent to your reporting agency.

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