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Precinct Connection


Here you will find answers to many of the common questions frequently asked of our support team. If your question isn't listed then please contact for a prompt response. Click on any question to show/hide answer.

expand How can I get a tutorial to get started?

expand What are your system requirements to run Precinct Connection?

expand Is there a limit as to how many cases I can put in the demo?

expand Do you need to log into my computer to give me a demo of your software?

expand If I purchase your software, and am happy with it and never use support, will the software stop working
if I don't renew my support plan?

expand Is Precinct Connection installed on my computer, or is it web-based?

expand What are your support hours?

expand Can I run Precinct Connection on more than one computer and if so, will it cost extra?

expand How do I share the database between several computers on my network?

expand What type of training do you offer?

expand How can I email support?

expand How can I get remote support?

expand How do I get to the online product support center?