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Precinct Connection

Pennsylvania State Constables Edition

Precinct Connection - Pennsylvania State Constables Edition makes it easier than ever to enter and track your warrants, and includes a complete names cross-referencing index. For example, when a warrant is entered, the defendant information never needs to be entered again, saving you not only time, but allowing you to track each warrant for that person. Each warrant is then organized by month and year, and by warrant number, court, docket, or defendant name. A brief synopsis of each warrant is also displayed. Each of the other modules displays data in a similar fashion. The names index allows you to search the database in a multitude of ways for a name, from physical characteristics to their alias.

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Warrants listing screen

One of the most demanding responsibilities of the person inputting the data from the day's activities is getting the data in quickly and accurately. Precinct Connection provides drop-down menus and pop-up boxes to process often-used data quickly, easily and accurately.

An essential part of police records management has become the organization of the data, and in a busy department, the data must be accessed quickly. From the initial entry of the first warrant, to the last detail about a defendant, and the printing of the official state warrant form, Precinct Connection keeps your data perfectly organized, with quick access available through drop-down menus and buttons.

Warrants detail screen

Report samples
Reports are concise, and based on the official Pennsylvania state reports. In addition to those listed below (which have been created by the Precinct Connection software), the system also prints out management reports to show open or closed warrants by court, in addition to what has been paid and what hasn't. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the reports:

Official State Warrant form
Arrest notice
Second arrest notice
Spanish arrest notice

In terms of support, we pride ourselves on our ability to accept suggestions from our user community and incorporate those suggestions into the software. This assists us in developing a stronger product, in addition to giving our customers what they need: A solid, custom product that they will be able to rely on for years to come. An additional plus from the us is our toll-free, 24-hour technical support, for which there is never a charge. Enhancements and updates are also free with purchase for a year.

Bottom line: Feature-rich, easy to use, and affordable, Precinct Connection will, without a doubt, streamline your daily data entry chores. This product is definitely worth taking a look.

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